Nightguards, or nighttime oral appliances, are custom-made devices designed to protect your teeth and jaw from the harmful effects of bruxism, a condition characterized by teeth grinding or clenching during sleep. Bruxism can lead to tooth wear, fractures, gum recession, jaw pain, over-developed jaw muscles, and even temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJD).

Indications for nightguards include:

  1. Patients with a history of nighttime teeth grinding or clenching
  2. Individuals experiencing jaw pain, headaches, or tooth sensitivity due to bruxism
  3. Those with significant tooth wear or damage from bruxism

At Trident Smile Studio, Dr. Triplett will carefully assess your dental health and determine if a custom-made nightguard is the right solution for your bruxism. The process involves taking a digital impression of your teeth and creating a comfortable, high-quality appliance designed to fit securely over your teeth during sleep.

Wearing a nightguard can help alleviate the symptoms of bruxism, protect your teeth from further damage, and promote long-term oral health and comfort.