Inlays and onlays, also known as indirect fillings or partial crowns, are a conservative and effective method to restore moderately damaged or decayed teeth. These custom-made restorations offer a durable and esthetic solution, ensuring the strength and function of the affected teeth while preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

Indications for inlays and onlays include:

  1. Moderate tooth decay that cannot be repaired with a traditional filling but doesn’t require a full dental crown
  2. Fractured or cracked teeth
  3. Tooth wear or erosion
  4. Replacing old, large fillings

Inlays are used when the damage is limited to the tooth’s chewing surface between the cusps, while onlays are employed when the damage extends beyond one or more of the tooth’s cusps.

The procedure for inlays and onlays typically involves two appointments. During the first visit, Dr. Triplett removes the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and takes a digital impression of the prepared area. This digital impression is sent to a dental lab, where the inlay or onlay is fabricated. A temporary restoration is placed on the tooth to protect it while the custom inlay or onlay is being made. At the second appointment, the custom inlay or onlay is cemented into place, ensuring a proper fit, comfort, and esthetics.

At Trident Smile Studio, we are committed to providing high-quality inlays and onlays that not only restore the function and appearance of your teeth but also contribute to long-lasting oral health.