2604, 2023

Dental Exams

April 26th, 2023|Tags: , , |

Regular dental exams are vital for maintaining good oral health and detecting potential dental issues early. At Trident Smile Studio, our comprehensive dental exams assess your teeth, gums, and overall oral condition, while also screening for signs of oral cancer and other disease. Exams allow for personalized care and recommendations for optimal oral health. With regular dental exams and consistent oral hygiene, you can enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile throughout your lifetime.

2604, 2023


April 26th, 2023|Tags: , |

Extractions are sometimes necessary to preserve overall oral health. Indications include severe decay, impacted teeth, overcrowding, and advanced gum disease. The procedure involves careful removal of the tooth as well as a discussion of suitable tooth replacement options, such as implants, bridges, or dentures, ensuring the restoration of your smile and dental function.

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